domingo, 21 de junho de 2009

On Hatred's Peace

unsettling feeling
of lack of control
ready to burst
into murder

converted into
invisible breastplate
of calmness

providently brought near
by the helpless cry

2 comentários:

Danny disse...

My dear friend,
No need to feel unsetteled, for you are strong enough to face all the challanges. I know that from time to time it comes troubles and occasions where were are weaker and tend to explod more than others, however, never forget that our Suprem God is with you always.
It's good to shed some tears, they bring relief and calmness the brain and soul.
My hugs for you, to comfort your mind and to ease your pain. An never forget that I am here for you!

Rute J. disse...

Thanks, you're a pal ;)

Although, it's not really based on any recent experience of mine. It's mainly about a moment in time, some years ago, when the peace that surpasses all understanding literally met my heart, as I was able to feel God's shield covering my chest, pulling strange feelings away, just as written in Philippians 4:7. Here I evoke the ancient breastplate worn by Israelite high priests and by soldiers on battlefield, as a metaphor for righteousness. As a priestly garment, it was set with twelve precious stones... Pretty neat, huh?